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v  Instantaneous voltage 
V  Vacuum tube 
V, v  Volt
VA  Volt ampere 
VAC  Volts alternating current  
VAD  Vertical Axial Deposition
VAR  Value added reseller  
VAT  Value Added Tax
VB  Valence Band; Vertical Bridgman  
VBAP  Voice Band Audio Processor   
VBE  DC voltage base to emitter 
VBM  Valence Band Maximum  
VBR  Breakdown Voltage  
VCA  Voltage Controlled Amplifier (or Attenuator)  
VCE  DC voltage collector to emitter
VCML  Vodafone Content Markup Language  
VCO  Voltage Controlled Oscillator
VCR  Video Cassette Recorder
VCSEL  Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser  
VCXO  Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator  
VD  Drain Voltage  
VDC  Vehicle Dynamic Control
VDC  Volts direct-current  
VDR  Voltage Dependent Resistor
VDS  Vapor distribution system  
VDSL  Very high bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line  
VESA  Video Electronics Standard Association
VFD  Vacuum Fluorescent Display  
VFEI  Virtual factory equipment interface  
VFM  Variable Frequency Microwave  
VGA  Variable Gain Amplifier  
VGF  Vertical Gradient Freeze  
VGS  Video Guidance Sensor  
VHDL  Verilog Hardware Description Language
VHDL  VHSIC Hardware Description Language
VHF  Very High Frequency
VHORG  Vertically and horizontally organized grid  
VHP  Very high productivity  
VHRR  Very High Resolution Radiometer
VHS  Video Home System
VHSIC  Very high-speed integrated circuit  
VIGS  Virtual Induced Gap States  
VISC  Video Instruction Set Computing  
VLA  Very large array  
VLF  Very low frequency 
VLIW  Very Long Instruction Word  
VLL  Video Lead Locator  
VLSI  Very Large Scale Integrated (circuit)  
VLSI  Very Large Scale Integration
VM  Virtual machine  
VME  Versa micromodule extension; Virtual manufacturing enterprise  
VML  Vector Markup Language  
VMW  Vertically modulated well  
VNA  Vector Network Analyzer  
VOC  Volatile organic compound  
VoIP  Voice over Internet Protocol
VOM  Volt ohm milliameter 
VPD  Vapor phase desorption; Vapor phase decomposition  
VPIN  Vertical PIN diode  
VPN  Virtual Private Network
VPO  Pinch-Off Voltage  
VRAM  Video RAM  
VRG  Vibratory Rate Gyro  
VRP  Virtual Rapid Prototyping  
VS  Source voltage 
VSAG  VHDL Standardization and Analysis Group (IEEE)  
VSAT  Very Small Aperture Terminal
VSI  Virtual Socket Interface  
VSOIC  Very Small Outline surface mounted IC  
VSPD  Variable Sensitivity PhotoDetector  
VSS  Variable Soft Sphere  
VSWR  Voltage Standing Wave Ratio
VT  Total voltage 
VTP  Vertical Thermal Processor  
VTR  Video Tape Recorder
VTVM  Vacuum-Tube VoltMeter  
VVA  Variable Voltage Attenuator 
VVTLEC  Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control
Vav  Voltage (average value)
Vc  Capacitive voltage 
Vcc  Main Power Supply (in a circuit)  
Vdd  Secondary power supply (in a circuit)  
Vee  Negative power supply (in a circuit)  
Vin  Input voltage 
VL  Inductive voltage 
Vm, Vmax  Maximum voltage 
V-MOS  V-groove metal-oxide semiconductor  
VoD  Video on Demand  
Vout  Output voltage 
Vp  Primary voltage 
V-pol  Vertical polarization  
Vpp  Programmable power supply (in a circuit)  
VS  Source voltage 
VT  Total voltage