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O  Oxygen  
OA  Organic Acid  
OAAF  Open Advanced Authoring Format  
OAC  Optical Absorption Coefficient  
OASIS  Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards  
OBA  Object Behavior Analysis  
OBEM  Object-Based Equipment Model  
OBIC  Optical Beam Induced Current  
OBL  Object-Based Language  
OBSAI  Open Base Station Architecture Initiative
OC  Open Collector; Open Circuit  
OCAP  OpenCable Application Platform  
OCR  Optical Character Recognition  
OCSP  Online Certificate Status Protocol  
OCXO  Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator  
OD  Outside Diameter  
ODBC  Open DataBase Connectivity  
ODEND  OR Optical Detected ENDOR  
ODEPR  Optical Detected EPR  
ODI  Open Data-link Interface
ODMII  Optical Detected Microwave induced Impact Ionization  
ODMR  Optical Detected Magnetic Resonance  
ODP  Ozone Depletion Potential  
ODR  Oscillating Disk Rheometer  
ODRL  Open Digital Rights Language  
ODS  Ozone-Depleting Substances  
OEBR  Optical Edge Bead Removal  
OEE  Overall Equipment Effectiveness  
OEIC  OptoElectronic IC  
OEM  Original Equipment Manufacturer; Office of Emergency Management  
OES  Optical Emission Spectroscopy  
OFDM  Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing  
OFHC  Oxygen-Free High-Conductivity Copper  
OFS  Open File System  
OI  Opto Isolator  
OID  Object Interaction Diagram; Object IDentification  
OIL  Ontology Interface Layer  
OIM  Orientational Imaging Microscopy  
OL  Overlay  
OLB  Outer Lead Bond  
OLE  Object Linking and Embedding  
OLED  Organic Light Emitting Diode
OLS  Ordinary Least Squares  
OM  Operational Modeling; Optical Microscopy; OrganoMetallic  
OMA  Object Management Architecture; Open Mobile Alliance  
OMG  Object Management Group  
OMS  Optical Mass Spectroscopy  
OMT  Object Modeling Technique; Ortho-Mode Transducer  
OMVPE  Organometallic VPE  
ONE  Open Network Environment (Sun)  
ONP  Optical Nuclear Polarization  
OO  Object-Oriented  
OOA  Object-Oriented Analysis  
OOD  Object-Oriented Design  
OODB  Object-Oriented Data Base  
OODBMS  Object-Oriented Data Base Management System  
OOP  Object Oriented Programming
OOPS  Object-Oriented Programming System  
OPC  Optical Particle Counter; Optical Proximity Correction  
OPL  Optically Pumped Laser  
OPSE  Optically Pumped Stimulated Emission  
OPW  Orthogonalized Plane Wave  
ORB  Object Request Broker  
ORM  Other Regulated Material  
ORNL  Oak Ridge National Laboratory  
OS  operating System
OSC  Organic Solderability Coating  
OSCI  Online Services Computer Interface  
OSD  On Screen Display  
OSDH  Optical Shubnikhov-de Haas effect  
OSF  Open Systems Foundation  
OSHA  Occupational Safety Hazards Act  
OSI  Open System Interconnection  
OSP  Organic Solderability Preservative  
OSRM  Office of Standard Reference Materials  
OSS  Object Services Standard; Operation Support System  
OSV  Offset Scan Voting  
OTOI  3rd order Output Intercept  
OTP  One Time Programmable   
OTPROM  One Time Programmable ROM  
OVD  Outside Vapor Deposition 
OVL  Overlay  
O-D  Zero dimensional  
Oe  Oersted (magnetic intensity unit)  
OpAmp  Operational Amplifier  
OR  Logic term - OR  
OX  OXide