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M  Mega (10^6) 
m  Milli (10^-3) 
M  Million 
M  Mutual conductance 
MA  Mechanical Advantage  
MAC  Multiplexed Analogue Components; MacPaint image format
MAC  Maximum Allowable Concentration; Medium Access Control (DVB-RCT)
MAC  Message Authentication Code  
MACT  Maximum Achievable Control Technology  
MAGRAM  MAGnetic Radar Absorbing Material  
MAIT  Manufacturers Association for Information Technology
MALDI  Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption and Ionization  
MAM  Media Asset Management  
MAN  Metropolitan Area Network
MAP  Manufacturing Automation Protocol  
MAS  Microbeam Analysis Society  
MASER  Micro-wave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
MATS  MAterial Transport Segment  
MAWP  Maximum Allowable Working Pressure  
MB  Machine Batch; Mega Bytes  
MBC  Machine Bath Collection  
MBE  Molecular Beam Epitaxy  
MBMS  Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometry  
MBPC  Model-Based Process Control  
MBTC  Model-Based Temperature Control  
MBX  Message Bus eXchange  
MCA  Measurement Capability Analysis  
MCAD  Mechanical CAD  
MCAE  Mechanical CAE  
MCBA  Mean Cycles Between Assists  
MCBF  Mean Cycles Between Failures  
MCBI  Mean Cycles Between Interrupts  
MCBSE  Mean Cycles Between Scrap Event  
MCD  Magnetic Circular Dichroism; Millicandela  
MCLR  Medium Capacity Long Range
MCM  MultiChip Module; Manufacturing Cycle Management  
MCM-C  MultiChip Module-Ceramic  
MCM-D  MultiChip Module-Dielectric  
MCM-P  MultiChip Module-Plastic  
MCNS  Multimedia Cable Network System Partners   
MCP  MultiChip Package  
MCS  Material Control System  
MCT  Mercury Cadmium Telluride detector; MOS Controlled Thyristor  
MCTF  Motion Compensated Temporal Filtering  
MCU  Microprocessor Control Unit; Mobile Calibration Unit  
MCVD  Metal Chemical Vapor Deposition  
MD  Molecular Dynamics; Mini Disk  
MDL  Minimum Detection Limit; Maximum Doping Limit  
MDQ  Market Driven Quality  
MDQW  Modulation Doped Quantum Well  
MDRAM  Multibank DRAM  
MDS  Modify Device Status; Multipoint Distribution System; Minimum Detectable Signal  
MDU  Modular Dispensing Unit  
MD-MOS  Multi-Drain Metal-Oxide Semiconductor  
MEBS  Medium Energy Backscattering Spectrometry  
MED  Modeling for Equipment Design  
MEE  Migration Enhanced Epitaxy  
MEIS  Medium Energy Ion Scattering  
MEM  Micro Electro Mechanical; Manufacturing Enterprise Model
MEMS  Micro Electro-Mechanical System
MEO  Medium Earth Orbit  
MER  Modulation Error Ratio  
MERIE  Magnetically enhanced reactive ion etching  
MES  Manufacturing execution systems  
MESC  Modular Equipment Standards Committee; Modular Equipment Sub-Committee for Communications
MESFET  Metal Semiconductor FET  
METL  Multielement two-layer  
METS  Materials and Equipment Trading Service  
MEV  Megaelectrovolt  
MF  Medium frequency 
MFAST  Mwave Folded Array Signal Transform (IBM)   
MFC  Mass flow controller  
MFCC  Maximum Free Carrier Concentration  
MFD  Multi-Function Devices
MFLOPS  Million Floating Point Instructions Per Second  
MFM  Mass flow meter; Magnetic Force Microscopy  
MFMIS  Metal Ferroelectric Metal Insulator Semiconductor  
MFN  Multi-Frequency Network  
MFP  Mean Free Path  
MG  Manufactured goods  
MGC  Manufactured goods collection  
MHEMT  Metamorphic HEMT  
MHI  Material hazard index  
MHP  Multimedia Home Platform
MI  Mutual inductance 
MIC  Monolithic Integrated Circuit  
MID  Material ID  
MIDI  Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MIDP  Microwave Induced Delayed Phosphorescence  
MIE  Magnetron ion etching  
MIGS  Metal-Induced Gap States  
MIM  Metal-Insulator-Metal  
MIMAC  Measurement and improvement of manufacturing capacity  
MIME  Multipurpose Internet Multimedia Extension  
MIMIC  Microwave & Millimeter (wave) IC (Program)  
MIMO  Multiple Input Multiple Output
MIPS  Million Instructions Per Second  
MIR  Moisture insulation resistance  
MIS  Metal insulator silicon; Metal insulator semiconductor  
MISFET  Metal Insulator Semiconductor FET  
MISO  Multiple Input Single Output
MIT  Metal Insulator Transition  
MITI  Ministry of International Trade and Industry (Japan)  
ML  Mono Layer  
MLB  Multi Layer Board  
MLC  Multi-Level Cell; Multi Layer Capacitor  
MLCC  MultiLayer Ceramic Capacitors  
MLM  Multilevel metal  
MLP  Multi-Layer Perceptron; Micro Leadframe Package  
MLPWB  Multi layer printed wiring board  
MLR  Message log report  
MLV  Modify logging versions  
MM  Manufacturing Methods  
MMC  Manufacturing Methods Council; Maximum material condition  
MMD  Microlithographic Mask Development program  
MMDS  Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service  
MMF  Magneto Motive Force 
MMIC  Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit  
MMM  Material movement management; Magnetism and Magnetic Materials  
MMMC  Machine material movement component  
MMMS  Material Movement Management Standard  
MMO  Multimodel optimization  
MMOS  Modified MOS  
MMPS  Multichannel Multi Port Distribution System  
MMS  Multimedia Mesaging
MMS  Windows Media Technology's transport protocol; Multimedia Messaging Service  
MMST  Microelectronics Manufacturing Science and Technology  
MMU  Memory Management Unit  
MMX  Multimedia Extension
MNDO  Modified Neglect of Diatomic Overlap  
MNOS  Metal-nitride-oxide semiconductor  
MNS  Metal-nitride semiconductor  
MO  Metal-organic  
MOCVD  MetalOrganic Chemical Vapor Deposition  
MOD  Magneto Optical Disc  
MODEM  Modulator-Demodulator
MODFET  MOdulation Doped Field Effect Transistor  
MOM  Method Of Moments  
MOMBE  Metal-Organic Molecular Beam Epitaxy  
MONET  Multi-wavelength Optical NETwork  
MONOS  Metal Oxide Nitride Oxide
MOP  Modify Operating Procedures  
MORIE  MetalOrganic Reactive Ion Etching  
MOS  Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MOSFET  Metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor 
MOS-C  Metal Oxide Semiconductor Capacitor  
MOT  Magneto Optical Trap  
MOT  Multimedia Object Transfer
MP  Multi Phonon; Melting point; Massively parallel  
MPA  Microwave Power Absorbtion  
MPEG  Moving Pictures Experts Group
MPF  Mobile Payment Forum  
MPG  Magnetic Pulse Generator
MPL  Magneto Photo Luminescence; Multilevel pass transistor logic  
MPLS  Multiprotocol Label Switching  
MPM  Microwave Power Module  
MPP  Multiphase printing  
MPRES  Modular plasma reactor simulator  
MPSA  Mobile Payment Services Association  
MPTS  Multi-Program Transport Stream  
MPU  Microprocessor unit  
MPW  Multi-Product Wafer  
MPX  Multiplex  
MP-OES  Multi-point optical emission spectroscopy  
MQW  Multiple Quatum Well  
MQ-NMR  Multiple Quantum NMR  
MR  Magnetic resonance; Magneto resistive  
MRAM  Magnetic Random Access Memory
MRI  Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MRP  Materials requirements planning; Manufacturing resource planning  
MRS  Materials Research Society  
MS  Mass spectrometry; Mass spectrometer; Mass spectroscopy  
MS  Mobile Station
MSA  Microscopy Society of America  
MSB  Most Significant Bit  
MSC  Mobile Switching Centre
MSDC  MultiStage Depressed Collector  
MSDS  Material Safety Data Sheet  
MSEM  Metrology Specific Equipment Model  
MSG  Management Steering Group  
MSHA  Mine Safety and Health Administration  
MSI  Medium-scale integration; manufacturing support item  
MSIC  Medium scale integrated circuit 
MSL  Modify system logging  
MSM  Metal-Semiconductor-Metal  
MSO  Multiple Systems Operator  
MSP  Microsoft Paint image format  
MSS  Mobile Satellite Service
MSS  Modify system state; Modulation semiconductor structure  
MST  Micro System Technology  
MSTAB  Manufacturing Systems Technical Advisory Board  
MTBA  Mean time between assists  
MTBAP  Mean (productive) time between assists  
MTBCF  Mean Time Between Critical Failures  
MTBF  Mean Time Between Failures  
MTBFP  Mean (Productive) Time Between Failures  
MTBI  Mean Time Between Interrupt; Mean Time Between Incident  
MTI  Moving Target Indicator  
MTOL  Mean Time Off Line; Mean Time On Line  
MTS  Material Tracking Standard  
MTSC  Memory Time Switch CMOS  
MTSL  Memory Time Switch Large  
MTSS  Memory Time Switch Small  
MTT  Mail TrusT  
MTTA  Mean Time To Assist  
MTTC  Mean Time To Correct  
MTTF  Mean Time To Failure  
MTTR  Mean Time To Repair  
MUART  Multiple UART
MUART  Multifunctions Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter   
MUDEM  MUltiplexer/DEMultiplexer   
MUL  Modify User Login  
MUNICH  Multi-channel Network Interface Controller   
MUP  Modify User Password  
MUSAC  Multipoint Switching And Conferencing Unit  
MUSAC-A  Multipoint Switching And Conferencing Unit Attenuation  
MV  Mega Volt  
MVC  Model View Controller  
MVDS  Multipoint Video Distribution Service  
MVTR  Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate  
MW  Molecular Weight; MegaWatt; MicroWave  
MWBC  Mean Wafers Between Cleans  
MWT  Monitor Wafer Turner  
mA  Milliampere 
mag  Magnetron 
max  Maximum 
mH  Millihenry 
min  Minimum 
mm  Millimeter 
mmwave  Millimeter Wave  
mrad  milliradian  
ms  millisecond  
Mux  Multiplexer
mV  Millivolt 
mW  Milliwatt