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J2EE  Java 2 Enterprise Edition  
J2SE  Java Level 2 Standard Edition  
JAAS  Java Authenticationand Authorization Service  
JADE  Joint Audio Decoder Encoder   
JAR  Java Archive  
JAXP  Java API for XML  
JAXR  Java API for XML Registries  
JDBC  Java Database Connectivity  
JDP  Joint Development Program  
JEDEC  Joint Electron Device Engineering 
JEIDA  Japanese Electronic Industries Development Association  
JESSI  Joint European Submicron Silicon  
JFET  Junction field effect transistor 
JFIF  JPEG/JPG compliant image format  
JIC  Joint Industrial Council  
JIT  Just-In-Time  
JJT  Josephson Junction Transistor  
JMS  Java Message Service  
JPEG  Joint Photographic Expert Group
JPG  JPEG/JFIF compliant image format  
JQP  Josephson Quasi Particle  
JSNM  Japan Society of New Metals  
JSP  JavaServer Pages  
JTA  Java Transaction API  
JTAG  Joint Test Action Group (part of IEEE)  
JVM  Java Virtual Machine