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L  Coil, inductance 
LAMMA  LAser Microprobe Mass Analysis  
LAMMS  LAser Micro-Mass Spectroscopy  
LAN  Local Area Network
LAR  Lot Age Report  
LASER  Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LBM  Deluxe Paint image format  
LC  Inductance-capacitance 
LC  Liquid Chromatography  
LCA  Life-Cycle Assessment  
LCAO  Linear Combination of Atomic Orbitals  
LCAS  Line Card Access Switch   
LCC  Leaded Chip Carrier  
LCCC  Leadless Ceramic Chip Carrier  
LCD  Liquid Crystal Display
LCP  Liquid Crystal Polymer  
LCR  Least Call Routing
LD  Laser Diode  
LDA  Local Density Approximation; Logic design automation  
LDAP  Lightweight Directory Access Protocol  
LDD  Lightly Doped Drain  
LDDM  Laser Doppler Displacement Meter  
LDL  Lower Detection Limit  
LDMOS  Laterally Diffused MOS  
LDR  Light Dependent Resistor
LDSD  Low Dimensional Structures & Devices  
LED  Light Emitting Diode
LEED  Low-Energy Electron Diffraction  
LEIS  Low Energy Ion Scattering  
LEL  Lower Explosive Limit  
LEP  Light Emitting Polymer  
LER  Lissajous Electron Plasma  
LF  Laminar Flow  
LF  Low frequency 
LFL  Lower Flammable Limit  
LFT  Ligand-Field Theory  
LGE  Light Generation Efficiency  
LGQ  Linear Gaussian quadratic  
LHCP  Left Hand Circularly Polarized  
LI  Laser Interferometry  
LIC  Linear Integrated Circuit  
LID  Leadless Inverted Device  
LIDAR  LIght Detection And Ranging technology  
LIF  Low Insertion Force  
LIFO  Last In First Out
LIMA  Laser-Induced Mass Analysis  
LIMS  Laser-Induced Mass Spectrometry  
LIR  Location Inventory Report  
LKDM  Low k Dielectric Material  
LLCC  Leadless Chip Carrier  
LLD  Lower Limit of Detection  
LLM  Local Linear Models  
LLNQ  Least Lots Next Queue  
LLS  Localized Light Scatterer  
LM  Light Microscopy  
LM  Mutual inductance 
LMC  Least Material Condition  
LMDS  Local Multipoint Distribution System  
LMMA  Laser Microprobe Mass Analysis  
LN  Liquid Nitrogen
LNA  Low noise amplifier 
LNB  Low Noise Block
LNBC  Low Noise Block Down Converter
LNCP  Living Network Control Protocol
LNDF  Linear Natural Density Filter  
LNF  Low Noise Feed
LO  Local Oscillator  
LOC  Level Of Concern  
LOCOS  LOCal Oxidation of Silicon  
LOI  Letter Of Intent  
LOS  Loss Of Selectivity; Line Of Sight  
LP  Local Pair  
LPC  Linear Predictive Coding; Laser Particle Counter
LPC  Low Particle Concentration; Liquid-borne Particle Counter  
LPCVD  Liquid Phase Chemical Vapour Deposition; Low Pressure CVD  
LPD  Light Point Defect; Laser Projection Display  
LPE  Liquid Phase Epitaxy  
LPF  Low Pass Filter  
LPI  Low-Pressure Isolation  
LPISM  Liquid Photo-Imageable Solder Mask  
LPSM  Levenson Phase Shift Mask  
LPV  Low-Pressure Vent  
LRAD  Long Range Acoustic Device
LRL  Line-Reflect-Line calibration  
LRM  Line-Reflect-Match calibration  
LRP  Long Range Plan  
LRS  Laser Raman Spectroscopy  
LRU  Lowest Replaceable Unit  
LS  Low-power Schottky   
LSB  Least Significant Bit  
LSE  Latex Sphere Equivalent  
LSG  Large Signal Gain  
LSHI  Large-Scale Hybrid Integration  
LSI  Large Scale Integration
LSM  Laser Scanning Microscope; Low Side Mixing  
LTC  Lithographic Test Chip  
LTCC  Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic  
LTCVD  Low-Temperature Chemical Vapor Deposition  
LTO  Low Temperature Oxide  
LUCOLED  Luminescence Conversion LED  
LUMO  Lowest Unoccupied Molecular Orbit  
LUW  Logical Unit of Work  
LV  Latent Variable  
LVDT  Linear Voltage Differential Transducer  
LVI  Low-Voltage Inverter  
LVM  Local Vibrational Mode  
LVS  Layout Verification of Schematic  
LVSEM  Low-Voltage Scanning Electron Microscopy  
LVT  Low Voltage Technology  
LV-SLIC  Low Voltage Subscriber Line Interface Circuit   
LWB  Lithography Workbench  
LWIR  Long Wavelength Infra Red  
LWR  Line Width Reduction  
LWS  Large Wafer Study  
LWV  Longitudinal Wave Velocity  
L-C-R  Inductance-capacitance-resistance 
Lt  Total inductance