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n  Nano (10^-9) 
N  Negative 
N  Nitrogen  
N  Number of turns in an inductor 
N  Revolutions per minute 
NA  Numerical Aperture; Network Analyzer  
NAA  Neutron activation analysis  
NADC  North American Digital Cellular  
NADCAP  National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Procedures  
NAMPS  Narrow band Advanced Mobile Phone Service  
NASA  National Aeronautics and Space Administration  
NAVSTAR  NAVigation Satellite Timing And Ranging
NBE  Near Band Edge  
NBS  National Bureau of Standards  
NC  NanoCrystal; Numerical control  
NC  Network Computer
NC  No connection 
NC  Normally closed 
NCMS  National Center for Manufacturing and Science  
NCS  Network Communication Standard  
NCTA  National Cable & Telecommunications Association  
ND  New Donor; Native defect  
NDE  Nondestructive evaluation  
NDIR  Non-dispersive infrared spectroscopy  
NDT  NonDestructive Testing  
NDUV  Non-Dispersive UltraViolet spectroscopy  
NEC  National Electric Code  
NECQ  National Electronics Component Qualification System  
NEMA  National Electrical Manufacturers Association  
NEP  Noise Equivalent Power  
NESHAP  National emissions standards for hazardous air pollutants  
NETD  Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference  
NEXAFS  Near Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure  
NEXT  Near End CrossTalk  
NF  Noise Figure
NFE  Near Free Electron  
NFM  Noise Figure Meter  
NFOM  Near field optical microscopy  
NFPA  National Fire Protection Association  
NGT  Not Greater Than  
NIC  Network Interface Card  
NIH  National Institutes of Health  
NIP  N-type/Intrinsic/P-type  
NIST  National Institute for Science and Technology  
NITF  News Industry Text Format  
NIU  Network Interface Unit   
NLO  Non-Linear Optic  
NLR  Non-Linear Refraction  
NLT  Not Less Than  
NMOS  Negative channel metal-oxide semiconductor  
NMR  Nuclear Magnetic Resonance; Normal mode rejection  
NN  Nearest Neighbor; Neural network  
NNN  Next Nearest Neighbor  
NO  Normally open 
NOB  Non-biased Optical Bistable (device)  
NOCI  Non Orthogonal Configuration Interaction  
NPL  Zero (No) Phonon Line  
NPN  Negative-positive-negative  
NPR  Noise Power Ratio  
NPT  Non-Punch Through  
NPV  Net Present Value  
NR  Noise Reduction  
NRA  Nuclear Reaction Analysis  
NRE  Non-Recurring Engineering  
NRZ  Non-Return to Zero  
NSA  National Secutity Agency  
NSE  Neutral Stream Etch  
NSF  National Science Foundation  
NSP  Native Signal Processing
NTC  Negative Temperature Co-efficient
NTD  Neutron Transmutation Doping  
NTE  Not To Exceed  
NTP  Normal Temperature and Pressure  
NTSC  National Television System Committee
NTU  Network Terminal Unit 
NV  Non-Volatile  
NVM  Non-Volatile Memory  
NVR  Non-Volatile Residue  
NVRAM  Non Volatile Random AccessMemory
NVRAM  Non-Volatile RAM  
NVoD  Near Video On Demand  
Na  Sodium  
nA  Nanoampere 
NAND  Logic term NOT-AND  
Ne  Neon  
NEG, neg  Negative
NewsML  News Mark-up Language  
NexGeRad  Next Generation Radar (Doppler Radar)
nF  Nanofarad 
nH  Nanohenry 
nm  Nanometer 
NOR  Logic term NOT-OR   
NOT  Logic term NOT   
ns  Nanosecond
nW  Nanowatt