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H  Hydrogen; Henry (unit of inductance)  
H  Henry 
h  Hybrid 
H  Magnetic field intensity 
H  Magnetizing flux 
HAC  Hands-free Add on Circuit   
HAP  Hazardous Air Pollutant  
HARM  High-speed Anti-Radar Missile  
HASL  Hot Air Solder Leveling  
HAST  Highly Accelerated Stress Testing  
HAZCOM  Hazard Communication Standard  
HB  Horizontal Bridgman (crystal)  
HBT  Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor  
HCI  Hot Carrier Injection  
HCMOS  High-density Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor  
HCP  Hexagonal Close Packed  
HCS  Hot-Carrier Suppressed  
HCT  High-speed CMOS TTL compatible  
HD  Hard Disc
HD  High Definition
HD  High Density 
HDCP  High Bandwidth Digital Content Protocol  
HDD  Hard Disc Drive
HDL  Hardware Description Language
HDMI  High Definition Multimedia Interface
HDP  High Density Plasma; Hydrostatic Deformation Potential  
HDPE  High-Density PolyEthylene  
HDSD  Hydrogen Defect Shallow Donors  
HDSL  High (bit rate) Digital Subscriber Line  
HDTV  High Definition Tele Vision
HEMT  High Electron Mobility Transistor  
HEPA  High-Efficiency Particulate Air  
HF  High Frequency
HF  Hydrofluoric acid; High Frequency  
HFC  Hybrid Fiber/Coax  
HFD  High Frequency Doppler
HFET  Heterojunction FET  
HFI  HyperFine Interaction  
HGF  Horizontal Gradient Freeze  
HGL  Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language image format  
HIBS  Heavy Ion Backscattering Spectrometry  
HIC  Hybrid Integrated Circuits  
HID  Human Interface Devices
HIGFET  Heterojunction Insulated Gate FET  
HIPOX  HIgh-Pressure OXygen  
HIPPI  High Performance Parallel Interface  
HITS  Head-End-in-the-Sky (AT&T)  
HLF  Horizontal Laminar Flow  
HMAC  Keyed-Hash Message Authentication Code  
HMIS  Hazardous Materials Inventory Statement  
HMMP  Hazardous Materials Management Plan  
HMOS  High-performance MOS; High-density MOS  
HMT  Hand Micro Telephone
HMT  Hindustan machine Tools
HOMER  Hazardous Organic Mass Emission Rate  
HOMO  Highest Occupied Molecular Orbital  
HOPG  Highly-Oriented Pyrolitic Graphite  
HP  High Purity  
HPA  High Power Amplifier  
HPC  High Performance (micro)Controller  
HPCC  High Performance Computing and Communicating  
HPEM  Hybrid Plasma Equipment Model  
HPF  High Pass Filter  
HPI  High-Pressure Isolation  
HPIB  Hewlett-Packard's Instrument Bus 
HPL  High Performance Logic  
HPLC  High-Performance Liquid Chromatography  
HPM  Hazardous Production Materials; High Power Microwave; High Purity Metal  
HPNA  Home Phoneline Network Alliance  
HPV  High-Pressure Vent  
HRA  Human Reliability Analysis  
HREELS  Hi-Res Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy  
HREM  Hi-Res (Transmission) Electron Microscopy  
HRPT  High Resolution Picture Transmission
HRS  Holographic Readout System  
HRTEM  Hi-Res Transmission Electron Microscopy  
HSCC  High-Level Serial Communication Controller   
HSCSD  High Speed Circuit-Switched Data  
HSCX  High-Level Serial Communication Controller Extended  
HSDS  High Speed Data System
HSM  High Side Mixing  
HSMS  High Speed Message Services  
HSRRSS  High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Satellite
HT  High Tension
HTCC  High Temperature Cofired Ceramic  
HTCS  High Tc (critical temperature) Superconductors  
HTE  High Temperature Electronics; High Temperature Elongation  
HTH  Head-To-Head  
HTL  High-Threshold Logic  
HTML  Hyper Text Markup Language
HTO  High-temperature Oxidation  
HTR  High Temperature Reactor
HTRB  High-temperature Reverse Bias  
HTSC  High Temperature Super Conductor  
HTTP (http)  Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
HTU  Height of Transfer Unit  
HUPW  Hot UltraPure Water  
HV  High Voltage
HVEM  High-Voltage Electron Microscopy  
HV-SLIC  High Voltage Subscriber Line Interface Circuit   
HWHM  Half Width at Half Maximum  
HY  Hybrid  
He  Helium  
Hg    Mercury 
hp  horse power 
H-pol  Horizontal Polarization  
https  HyperText Transfer Protocol over SSL  
Hz  Hertz