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R  Resistor; Rosin (flux)  
R  Potentiometer 
R  Resistance 
R&D  Research and Development  
RA  Rosin Activated  
RAC  Remote Access and Control; Rambus ASIC Cell  
RADAR  RAdio Direction And Ranging  
RAE  Residue After Evaporation  
RAID  Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks  
RAIRS  Reflection-Absorption InfraRed Spectroscopy  
RAM  Random Access Memory
RAM  Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability
RAMP  Reliability Analysis and Modeling Program  
RAS  Sun Raster Image format  
RAW  Raw file image format  
RBB  Base sheet resistance  
RBOC  Regional Bell Operation Company  
RBS  Resonant Bond Scattering; Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry; Refractive backscattering  
RBSOA  Reverse Bias Safe Operating Area  
RBW  Resolution BandWidth  
RC  Resistance-capacitance, also Radio controlled 
RCCL  Return Channel Cable and LMDS DTV platforms  
RCS  Revision Control System; Return Channel Satellite; Radar Cross-Section  
RCT  Reference Cluster Tool; Return Channel Terrestrial  
RCTT  DVB-RCT Terminal  
RDF  Resource Description Framework  
RDR  Rotating Disk Reactor  
RDRAM  Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory  
RDS  Radio data system  
RDT  Real Data Transport  
RE  Rare Earths  
REL  Recommended Exposure Limit; Rights Expression Language  
REM  Reflection Electron Microscopy  
RETMA  Radio Electronics TV Manufacturers Assoc  
RF  Radio Frequency
RF  Resonance Frequency  
RfC  Request for Comment  
RFI  Radio frequency interference
RFI  Request For Information 
RFIC  Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit  
RFICP  Radio Frequency ICP  
RFID  Radio Frequency IDentification
RFM  Radio frequency monitoring  
RFO  Restricted flow orifice  
RFP  Radio Frequency Probe  
RfP  Request for Plan; Request for Proposal  
RFQ  Request for quote  
RFS  Regardless of Feature Size  
RFT  Resistive Force Theory
RGA  Residual gas analysis  
RH  Relative humidity  
RHCP  Right Hand Circularly Polarized  
RHEED  Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction  
RHET  Resonant Hot-tunnelling Electron Transistor  
RIBE  Reaction Ion Beam Etching  
RIE  Reactive Ion Etching  
RIM  Read-in mode  
RIP  Raster Image Processor
RISC  Reduced Instruction Set Computer/Computing  
RIST  Rule induction and statistical testing  
RKE  Remote Keyless Entry system  
RL  Load resistor 
RL  Return Loss  
RLC  Resistance-capacitance-inductance 
RLE  Windows or CompuServe RLE image format  
RLI  Resist LIthography  
RMA  Rosin Mildly Activated  
RMI  Remote Method Invocation  
RMOS  Refractory Metal-Oxide Semiconductor  
RMS  Recipe Management Standard  
RMS  Root mean square 
RMSEP  Root Mean Square Error of Prediction  
RMTF  Recipe Management Task Force  
RN  Noise Resistance  
RNN  Recurrent Neural Network  
RO  Reverse Osmosis  
ROC  Remote Object Communications  
ROE  Return On Equity  
ROI  Return On Investment  
ROM  Read Only Memory
ROM  Rough Order of Magnitude  
ROS  Record-On-Silicon  
ROV  Remote Operated Vehicle
ROX  Run Of eXperiments  
RPC  Remote Procedure Call  
RPM  Revolutions Per Minute
RPM  Rotations Per Minute
RPN  Residual Phase Noise  
RPR  Resilient Packet Ring  
RQ  Reportable Quantity  
RR  Removal Rate  
RRMSEP  Relative Root Mean Square Error of Prediction  
RSE  Reactive sputter etch  
RSH  Remote SHell  
RSM  Response surface methodology; response surface matrix  
RSS  RDF Site Summary  
RSSI  Radio Signal Strength Indicator
RST  Reynolds Stress  
RSVP  Resource Reservation Protocol  
RT  Real Time
RT  Room Temperature  
RTA  Rapid Thermal Anneal  
RTB  Real-time backplane  
RTCP  Real-Time Control Protocol  
RTCVD  Rapid thermal chemical vapor deposition  
RTD  Resistance Temperature Detector; Resonant Tunneling Diode  
RTF  Rich Text Format
RTL  Resistor-transistor logic; register transfer level  
RTM  Rapid thermal multiprocessing  
RTO  Rapid thermal oxidation; Regenerative thermal oxidizer  
RTO S Real Time Operating System   
RTP  Rapid Thermal Processing; Real-Time Transport Protocol  
RTR  Real-time reporting  
RTS  Request to send; Random Telegraph Signal  
RTSP  Real-Time Streaming Protocol  
RTSPC  Real-Time Statistical Process Control  
RTV  Room Temperature Vulcanizing  
RTY  ReTrY limit  
RZ  Return to Zero 
Ra  Radium  
Rad  Radian  
rcvr  Receiver 
rect  Rectifier 
ref  Reference 
Ref  Reference Voltage  
rf  Radio frequencies 
RL  Load resistor 
RS232  Norm for serial transmission