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I  Current 
I  Iodine  
i  Instantaneous current 
IAP  Imaging Atom Probe  
IAs  Information Appliances
IB  DC Base current 
IBAE  Ion Beam Assisted Etching  
IBC  ISDN Burst Controller   
IBD  Ion Beam Deposition  
IBE  Ion Beam Etching; Isoelectronic Bound Exciton  
IBM  International Business machine
IBOC  In-Band-On-Channel
IC  DC Collector current 
IC  Integrated Circuit
IC  Ion Chromatography  
ICA  Isotropically Conductive Adhesive  
ICAM  Integrated CAM  
ICC  ISDN Communication Controller   
ICD  Interconnect Diagram  
ICE  In-Circuit Emulator; Information and Content Exchange Format  
ICMP  Internet Control Message Protocol
ICMS  Integrated Circuit Measurement System  
ICP  Inductively-Coupled Plasma  
ICP-AES  Inductively-Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectroscopy  
ICP-MS  Inductively-Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry  
ICT  Ideal Cycle Time; In-Circuit Test  
ID  Inside Diameter  
IDA  Interchange of Data between Administrations  
IDC  Insulation-Displacement Connection  
IDDQ  Direct Drain Quiescent Current  
IDE  Integrated Design Environment
IDE  Integrated Device Electronics
IDEA  International Data Encryption Standard  
IDEAlliance  International Digital Enterprise Alliance  
IDEC  ISDN D-Channel Exchange Controller   
IDL  Interface Definition Language  
IDS  Drain-Source Current; Interactive Diagnostic System  
IDS  Intrusion Detection System
IDSS  Saturated Drain-Source Current  
IEA  Ion Energy Analysis  
IEC  Infused Emitter Coupling; International Electrotechnical Commission 
IEC  ISDN Echo Cancellation Circuit; International Engineering Consortium 
IECQ  International Electronic Component Qualification system  
IEDF  Ion Energy Distribution Function  
IEEE  Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers  
IEF  Imaging Energy Filter  
IEPC  ISDN Enhanced Power Controller   
IEPS  International Electronics Packaging Society  
IERN  Internal-External Recurrent Neural network  
IETF  Internet Engineering Task Force  
IF  Intermediate frequency
IFF  If and only if; Commodore Amiga image format  
IGBT  Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor  
IGES  Integrated Graphics Exchange System  
IGFET  Insulated-Gate Field-Effect Transistor  
IGMP  Internet Group Multicast Protocol  
IHPC  ISDN High-Voltage Power Controller   
IHT  Ideal Handler Time  
iHTML  inline HTML  
IIC  Intra Integrated circuit  
IIOP  Internet Inter-ORB Protocol  
IIP3  Input 3rd order Intercept Point  
IIT  Indian Institute of Technology
IL  Insertion Loss  
ILB  Inner Lead Bond  
ILD  InterLevel Dielectric; InterLayer Dielectric  
ILM  Integrated Laser Modulator; Instrumental Landing System  
ILS  Intracavity Laser Spectroscopy  
IM  Integrated Model; InterModulation; Instant Messaging  
IM4DTTV  Integrated Modem for DTTV  
IMAP  Internet Mail Access Protocol
IMD  InterMetal Dielectric; InterModulation Distortion  
IMP  InterModulation Product  
IMPATT  IMPact Avalanche and Transit Time  
IMR  Integrated Model Repository; InterModulation Ratio  
IMS  Ion Mobility Spectroscopy; Intelligent Manufacturing System  
IMT  International Mobile Telecommunications  
INCAMS  Individual cassette manufacturing system  
INSAT  Indian National Satellite
INTELSAT  International Telecommunication Satellite
IOT  Inductive Output Amplifier  
IP  Intellectual Property 
IP  Internet Protocol
IP3  3rd order Intercept Point  
IPAT  ISDN Primary-Rate Access Transceiver   
IPC  Institute for interconnecting and Packaging ICs
IPC  International Press Telecommunications Council  
IPDC  Internet Protocol Data Casting
IPM  Inches Per Minute  
IPO  Initial Public Offering  
IPR  Intellectual Property Rights  
IPRM  Indium Phosphide Related Materials  
IPS  Intrusion Prevention System
IPT  Ideal Process Time  
IPTC  International Press and Telecommunications Council  
IR  Infra-Red
IRAS  Infrared Reflection-Absorption Spectroscopy  
IRD  Integrated Receiver Decoder
IRFPA  IR Focal Plane Array  
IRIS  Imaging of Radicals Interacting with Surfaces  
IRM  Image Reject Mixer; Isothermal Remnant Magnetization  
IRN  Internal Recurrent Neural network  
IRONMAN  Improving Reliability Of New Machines At Night  
IRPC  ISDN Remote Power Controller   
IRS  InfraRed Spectroscopy  
IRTC-1  Interconnect Reliability Test Chip-1  
IS  Information Systems; Interface Specifications; Integrated Systems  
ISA  Instrumentation Society of America  
ISAC  ISDN Subscriber Access Controller   
ISAN  International Standard Audiovisual Number  
ISBN  International Standard Book Number  
ISC  Industry Steering Council; Inter System Crossing  
ISC  Integrated Security Concept
ISCAN  International Smart Card Associations network
ISD  Interface State Density  
ISDB  Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting  
ISDN  Integrated Services Digital network
ISE  Integrated Solid Effect  
ISEM  Inspection/review Specific Equipment Model  
ISFET  Ion Selective Field Effect Transistor
ISHM  International Society for Hybrid Microelectronics  
ISM  Industrial Scientific and Medical
ISMA  Internet Streaming Media Alliance  
ISO  International Standards Organization  
ISP  Interface Strain Parameter
ISP  Internet Service Provider  
ISRO  Indian Space Research Organization
ISS  Ion Scattering Spectrometry/Spectroscopy  
ISV  Individual Source Vias  
IT  Information & Technology
ITAC  ISDN Terminal Adapter Circuit   
ITD  Isothermal Desorption Spectrometry  
ITRI  Interconnection Technology Research Institute  
ITT  Inter-Test Time  
ITU  International Telecommunication Union
ITV  Interactive Television  
IVP  Integrated Vacuum Processing  
IVR  Interactive Voice Response
IWOC  Internet Way Of Computing
IWRS  Isolated Word Recognition System
I/O  Input/output 
I2L  Integrated injector logic  
I300I  International 300 mm Initiative  
Ie  Total emitter current 
Ieff  Effective current 
If  Interface
Imax  Maximum current 
IMG  GEM Paint image format  
Imin  Minimum current 
In  Indium  
InAs  Indium Arsenide  
InGaAs  Indium Gallium Arsenide  
InGaAsP  Indium Gallium Arsenide Phosphide  
InSb  Indium Antimonide  
I-PAL  Improved PAL  
Is  Secondary current 
It  Total current 
iTV  Interactive Tele Vision