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 Deci (10^-1) 
DAA  Data Access Arrangement   
DAB  Digital Audio Broadcasting
DAC  Digital to Analog Converter
DAM  Digital Asset Management    
DAMPS  Digital Advanced Mobile Phone System  
DART  Dual Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter   
DAS  Direct Absorption Spectroscopy; Digital Audio System  
DASSL  Differential Algebraic System SoLver  
DATC  Design Automation Technical Committee (IEEE)  
DAV  Distributed Authoring and Versioning   
DBM  Double Balanced Mixer  
DBMS  DataBase Management System  
DBPSK  Differential Binary Phase Shift Keying
DBRT  Double Barrier Resonant Tunneling  
DBS  Direct Broadcast Satellite  
DC  Direct Current
DC  Dielectric Constant  
DCA  Direct Chip Attachment  
DCATS  Double-Contained Acid Transfer System  
DCC  Dynamic Channel Change  
DCD  DC Demagnitization 
DCE  Distributed Computer Environment  
DCFL  Direct Coupled FET Logic  
DCG  Domain Coordination Group  
DCL  Digital Command Language; Display Communication Log  
DCMI  Dublin Core Metadata Initiative  
DCOM  Distributed Component Object Model  
DCPAT  Dual CEPT Primary Access Transceiver   
DCS  Digital Communication System  
DCX  Zsoft multipage Paintbrush image format  
DCXO  Digitally Compensated Crystal Oscillator  
DD  Deformation Donor; Double Donor; Dislocation Density; Double Density  
DDL  Device Description Language  
DDMS  Defect Data Management System  
DDR  Double Data Rate  
DDR  Dual Data Rate
DDS  Direct Digital Synthesis   
DDS  Direct Digital Synthesizer
DECT  Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone  
DEDS  Discrete Event Dynamic Simulation  
DEMS  Digital Electronic Messaging Service  
DES  Data Encryption Standard; Display Equipment Status  
DESC  Defense Electronics Supply Center  
DF  DarkField  
DFB  Distributed FeedBack  
DFESH  Design For Environment, Safety, and Health
DFLP  Design For Low Power  
DFM  Design For Manufacturability  
DFR  Design For Reliability  
DFT  Density Functional Theory   
DFT  Design For Test
DFT  Design For Testability
DFT  Digital Fourier Transform
DGF  Dynamic Gradient Freeze  
DHBT  Double Heterostructure Bipolar Transistor  
DHCP  Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol  
DHF  Dilute Hydrofluoric Acid  
DHSD  Duplex High Speed Data Service
DHTML  Dynamic HTML  
DI  De-Ionized; Dielectric Isolation  
DIB  Windows or OS/2 DIB image format  
DIC  Differential Interference Contrast  
DICE  DARPA Initiative in Concurrent Engineering  
DIL  Dual In Line  
DIM  Data Information Record  
DIMM  Dual-In-Line Memory Module  
DIP  Dual In line Package  
DISA  Direct Inward System Access
DLA  Defense Logistics Agency (DoD)  
DLC  Diamond-Like Carbon  
DLD  Dark Line Defects  
DLNC  Diamond-Like Nano-Composites  
DLOC  Developed source Lines Of Code  
DLS  Display Lot Status  
DLT  Device Level Test  
DLTS  Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy  
DLVA  Detector Log Video Amplifier  
DM  Defect Management  
DMA  Digital Media Access
DMA  Direct Memory Access; Dynamic Mechanical Analysis  
DMAC  Direct Memory Access Controller  
DMH  Display Message Helps  
DMIC  Digital Monolithic Integrated Circuit  
DML  Data Manipulation Language; Display Message Log  
DMM  Digital Multi Meter
DMM  Diffuse Mismatch Model  
DMOS  Diffused Metal-Oxide Semiconductor  
DMR  Display Move Requests  
DMS  Data Management Standard 
DMS  Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors
DMS  Dynamic Mechanical Spectroscopy 
DMTF  Distributed Management Task Force  
DNC  Distributed Numerical Control; Direct Numerical Control  
DNS  Direct Numerical Simulation; Domain Name System  
DO  Dynamic optimization  
DOA  Dead-On Alignment; Dead On Arrival  
DOAS  Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy  
DOCSIS  Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification  
DOD  Dissolved Oxygen Demand  
DOE  Design Of Experiments  
DOF  Depth Of Field; Depth Of Focus  
DOI  Digital Object Identifier  
DOM  Document Object Model  
DOS  Disk Operating System; Density Of States  
DOTS  Digital-Optical Technology System  
DPA  Displacement Per Atom; Destructive Physical Analysis  
DPB  Double Positioning Boundary  
DPDT  Double pole double throw
DPI  Dots Per Inch  
DPLL  Digital Phase Locked Loop  
DPM  Digital Panel Meter  
DPO  Digital Phospher Oscilloscope
DPQSK  Differantial Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
DPS  Display Process Status  
DPSRAM  Dual-Port Static Random Access Memory  
DPSS LASER  Diode Pumped Solidstate LASER
DPSSL  Diode-Pumped Solid State Lasers  
DPST  Double Pole, Single Throw 
DPT  Dynamic Packet Transport  
DPW  Die Per Wafer  
DQPSK  Differential Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
DR  Differential Reflectometry  
DRAM  Dynamic Random Access Memory
DRAPAC  Design Rule and Process Architecture Council  
DRC  Design Rule Check; Dynamic Range Control  
DRIFTS  Diffuse Reflectance Infrared Fourier Transform Spectroscopy  
DRM  Drawing Requirements Manual; Digital Rights Management  
DRO  Dielectric Resonator-Oscillator  
DRPL  Digital Property Rights Language  
DRT  Defect Review Tool  
DRW  Micrografx Draw image format  
DS  Direct Sequence
DS  Double Sided (floppy disk)  
DSA  Display System Activity; Digital Signature Algorithm  
DSB  Digital Satellite Broadcasting
DSB  Double SideBand  
DSBCS  Double SideBand Carrier Suppression  
DSC  Differential Scanning Calorimetry  
DSCP  Differentiated Services Code Point  
DSD  Direct Stream Digitial  
DSDP  Double Source Differential Photocapacitance  
DSF  Dead Space Free  
DSL  Digital Subscriber Line  
DSL  Digital Subscription Line
DSLAM  Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
DSM  Deep Sub Micron
DSMC  Direct Simulation Monte Carlo  
DSML  Directory Services Markup Language  
DSM-CC  Digital Storage Media Command And Control  
DSO  Digital Storage Oscilloscope
DSP  Differential Signal Processing
DSP  Digital Signal Processing
DSP  Digital Signal Processor
DSQ  DownStream Quartz  
DSR  Dynamic Shift Register; Double Selective Recess  
DSS  Digital Satellite System; Digital Signature Standard  
DSSS  Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
DSU  Digital Service Unit  
DSVD  Digital Simultaneous Voice and Data  
DSW  Direct Step-on-Wafer  
DT  Dynamic Test  
DTA  Differential Thermal Analysis  
DTC  Direct Thermocouple Control  
DTCP  Digital Transmission Content Protection  
DTD  Document Type Definition  
DTH  Direct To Home
DTL  Diode Transistor Logic  
DTM  Defect Test Monitor  
DTM  Delay Time Multiplier
DTM  Device Test Module
DTM  Digital Terrain Map
DTM  Dynamic Synchronous Transfer Mode
DTMF  Dual Tone Multi-Frequency  
DTMPN  Defect Test Monitor Phase Number  
DTP  Desk Top Publishing
DTP  Diameter True Position  
DTS  Digital Theatre System
DTS  Digital Tuning System  
DTTB  Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting  
DTTV  Digital Terrestrial TV  
DTV  Digital Tele Vision
DUART  Dual Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter   
DUF  Diffusion Under epitaxial Film  
DUT  Device Under Test
DUV  Deep UltraViolet  
DV  Design Verification  
DVB  Digital Video Broadcast
DVB-T  Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial  
DVD  Digital Versatile Disc
DVD  Digital Video Disc
DVD  Digital Versatile Disc  
DVER  Design rule VERification  
DVI  Digital Video Interactive
DVI  Digital Video Interface
DVM  Digital VoltMeter  
DVR  Digital Video Recorder
DVS  Desktop Video-Conferencing Software
DVS  Display Vehicle Status  
DWDM  Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing  
DWG  Domain Work Group  
DX  Deep donor in III-V compounds  
DXF  Data eXchange Format; Autodesk drawing interchange image format  
D/A or D-A  Digital to analog 
D/I  Develop Inspect  
dB  DeciBell (1/10 of a Bell)  
dBa  Adjusted decibel  
dBc  DeciBell below Carrier  
dBm  DeciBell based on power (milliwatt)  
Demux  Demultiplexer
DivX  Digital Video Express
Dk  Dielectric constant  
DoD  Department of Defense  
DoT  Department of Telecommunications