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C  Capacitance or capacitor 
C  Carbonc 
c  Centi (10-2) 
C  Centigrade.
 Speed of light in vacuum  
C & W  Cable and Wireless
C (Q)  Coulomb 
CA  CIM Architecture  
CAA  CIM Applications Architecture  
CAD  Command Area Development  
CAD  Computer Aided Designing.
CADT  Control Application Development tool  
CAE  Computer-Aided Engineering  
CAF  Cathotic Annodic Filaments  
CAFM  Computer Aided Facilities Management  
CAG  Competitive Analysis Group  
CAI  Computer-Assisted Instruction  
CAIBE  Chemically-Assisted Ion Beam Etching  
CALS  Computer-Aided Logistics Support (Air Force Program)  
CAM  Computer aided manufacture 
CAM  Conditional Access Module.
CAM  Content Addressable Memory   
CAN  Control Area Network.
CAPP  Computer Aided Process Planning  
CAPS  Computer-Assisted Problem Solving  
CAR  Computer-Aided Repair  
CAR  Computer-Aided Research 
CARRI  Computerized Assessment of Relative Risk Impacts  
CASE  Computer-Aided Software Engineering 
CASE  Computer-Aided Systems Engineering  
CAT  Career Aptitude Test.
CAT  Computer-Aided Testing 
CAT  Computerized Axial Tomography.
CAT  Conditional Access Table  
CATV  Cable TV 
CATV  Community Access TeleVision  
CAW  Construction Analysis Workgroup  
CAWC  Cryogenic Aerosol Wafer Cleaning  
CB  Citizen's band 
CB  Common base configuration 
CB  Conduction Band 
CBA  Cell-Based Architecture  
CBCPW  Conductor Backed CoPlanar Waveguide  
CBD  Convergent Beam Diffraction  
CBED  Convergent Beam Electron Diffraction  
CBGA  Ceramic Ball Grid Array  
CBM  Conduction Band Minimum  
CBT  Computer-Based Training  
CC  Chip Carrier 
CC  Common collector 
CC  Composite Capabilities  
CCA  Circuit Card Assembly  
CCAPS  Circuit Assembly and Processing System  
CCC  Ceramic Chip Carrier  
CCD  Charge Coupled Device 
CCD  Configuration Coordinate Diagram  
CCK  Complimentary Code Keying.
CCSA  China Communications Standards Association  
CCSL  Compatible Current-Sinking Logic  
CCW  Counter ClockWise  
CD  Compact Disc.
CD  Critical Dimension
CDA  Clean Dry Air  
CDAC  Centre of Development of Automatic Computing.
CDB  Cell Delineation Block device  
CDE  Chemical Downstream Etch  
CDEM  Customer Delivery Enterprise Model  
CDI  Collector-Diffusion Isolation  
CDMA  Code Division Multiple Access 
CDO  Controlled Decomposition/Oxidation  
CDPD  Cellular Digital Packet Data  
CDR  Clock and Data Recovery   
CDR  Compact Disc Rewriteable/Recordable
CDR  CorelDraw image format
CD/OL  Critical Dimension Overlay  
CE  Common Emitter  
CE  Consumer Electronics.
CEA  Constant Efficiency Amplifier
CEA  Consumer Electronics Association  
CEC  Cell Evaluation Chip  
CEE  Control Execution Environment  
CEF  Crystal Electric Field  
CEM  Continuous Emissions Monitoring  
CEPT  COMETS Equipment Performance Tracking  
CF  Calibration Factor  
CFA  Component Failure Analysis
CFA  Cross-Field Amplifier  
CFC  ChloroFluoroCarbon  
CFD  Computational Fluid Dynamics  
CFI  CAD Framework Initiative
CFI  Common Flash-memory Interface  
CFL  Compact Flourscent Lamps.
CFM  Contamination-Free Manufacturing
CFM  Continuous Flow Manufacturing
CFMRC  Contamination-Free Manufacturing Research Center  
CFP  Ceramic Flat Pack  
CGA  Column Grid Array  
CGI  Common Gateway Interface.
CGM  Computer Graphics Metafile image format  
CHF  Critical Heat Flux  
CHR  Communication History Report  
CHTML  Compact Hypertext Markup Language  
CID  Charge-injection device  
CIDf  Content ID form  
CIE  Computer-Integrated Engineering  
CIM  Computer-Integrated Manufacturing  
CIM-OSA  Computer-Integrated Manufacturing-Open Systems Architecture (ESPRIT program)  
CIS  Center for Integrated Systems
CISC  Complex Instruction Set Computers.
CITIS  Contractor Integrated Technical Information Services  
CL  CathodoLuminescence  
CLCC  Ceramic Leaded Chip Carrier  
CLIC  Closed-Loop Intensity Control  
CLIW  Customized Long Instruction Word  
CLP  Windows clipboard image format  
CM  Cassette Module  
CM  Configuration Management
CMC  Cassette Module Controller
CMC  Copper Molly Copper  
CML  Current Mode Logic  
CMM  Capability Maturity Model  
CMOS  Complimentary Metal Oxide Semiconductor.
CMP  Chemical Mechanical Polishing  
CMRR  Common Mode Rejection Ratio.
CMS  Content Management System  
CMS  Coordinate Measuring System
CMT  Chip Mounting Technology  
CMTS  Cable Modem Termination System  
CMUG  Cost Modeling Users Group  
CMX  Corel clipart image format  
CNC  Computer Numerical Control
CNC  Condensation Nucleus Counter  
CNR  Carrier to Noise Ratio (C/N)  
CNS  Central Nervous System  
COB  Chip-On-Board  
COC  Cost Of Consumables  
COD  Consumed Oxygen Demand  
CODEC  COder-DECoder  
COE  Center Of Excellence  
COED  Computer Optimized Experimental Design  
COFDM  Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex  
COFI  Codec Filter  
COFISLIC  Codec Filter and Subscriber Line Interface Circuit   
COGS  Cost Of Goods Sold  
COL  Characteristic Orange Luminescence  
COM  Component Object Model  
COMSAT  Communications sattelite corporation.
COO  Cost Of Ownership  
CORBA  Common Object Request Broker Architecture  
CORE  Composite Object Reference  
COSS  Common Object Services Specification  
COT  Customer-Owned Tooling  
COTS  Commercial Off The Shelf  
CP  Capability Performance
CP  Chip Place
CP  Circularly Polarized  
CPA  Charged Particle Analysis  
CPD  Common Path Distortion  
CPD  Concurrent product development
CPD  Contact Potential Differences
CPE  Communications, Participation, and Education program
CPE  Customer Premises Equipment 
CPGA  Ceramic Pin Grid Array  
CPID  Common Path Intermodulation Distortion  
CPLD  Complex Programmable Logic Devices.
CPRM  Content Protection for Recoverable Media.
CPS  Co-Planar Stripline  
CPT  Colour Picture Tube.
CPW  Co-Planar Waveguide  
CP/M  Computer Program/Maintenance  
CQFP  Ceramic Quad Flat Pack  
CQN  Closed-Queuing Network  
CR  Cyclotron Resonance  
CR  Junction diode 
CRADA  Cooperative Research And Development Agreement  
CRC  Cyclic Redundancy check.
CRID  Content Reference IDentifier  
CRL  Certificate Revocation List  
CRM  Consumer Relationship Management  
CRM  Cost/Resource Model
CRO  Cathode Ray Oscilloscope.
CRT  Cathode Ray Tube  
CSA  Canadian Standards Agency 
CSA  CIM Systems Architecture
CSE  Control Systems Engineering Department  
CSG  Constructive Solids Geometry  
CSIC  Customer Specific Integrated Circuit  
CSL  Current-Steering Logic  
CSMA/CD  Carrier-Sense, Multiple-Access/Collision Detection  
CSO  Composite Second Order  
CSP  Chip Scale Package  
CSPED  Concurrent Semiconductor Production and Equipment Development  
CSR  Consumer Service Representative  
CSS  Cascading Style Sheets language  
CST  CIM Systems Technology  
CSTR  Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor  
CSU  Channel Service Unit  
CSV  Comma-Separated Variable  
CT  Computer Tomography.
CT  Curve Tracing  
CT  Cycle Time
CT  Total capacitance 
CTB  Composite Triple Beat  
CTC  Cluster Tool Controller; Counter Timer Circuit   
CTE  Coefficient of Thermal Expansion  
CTEM  Conventional Transmission Electron Microscopy  
CTF  Contrast Transfer Function  
CTI  Cycle Time Improvement  
CTL  Complementary Transistor Logic  
CTMC  Cluster Tool Modular Communications  
CTV  Colour Tele Vision.
CUB  Central Utility Building  
CUBES  Capacity Utilization Bottleneck Efficiency System  
CUI  Common User Interface  
CUSUM  CUmulative Sum  
CUT  Dr Halo image format  
CV  Capacitance-to-Voltage 
CV.C  Chemical Vapor Cleaning  
CVCM  Collected Volatile Condensable Materials  
CV.D  Chemical Vapor Deposition  
CV.S  Cyclic Voltammetry Stripping  
CW  ClockWise  
CW  Continuous transmission
CW  Continuous Wave
CWDM  Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing  
CY.M  CYcle Model  
C/N  Carrier to Noise ratio  
C3  Command, Control and Communicate
C4  Controlled Collapse Component Connection  
Cd  Cadmium  
CD-ROM  Compact Disc Read-Only Memory  
CER-DIP  CERamic Dual In-line Package  
cm  Centimeter 
cmil  Circular mil 
CRT  Cathode ray tube 
CT  Total capacitance 
Cu  Copper