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 Farad; Fahrenheit  
FA  Failure Analysis  
FAA  Federal Aviation Administration  
FAB  Fast Atom Bombardment  
FALC  Frame And Line interface Component  
FAMOS  Floating-gate Avalanche-injection Metal-Oxide Semiconductor  
FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions  
FAR  Failure Analysis Report  
FB  Free to Bound ; FeedBack  
FC  Field Cooling; Flip Chip  
FCC  Face Centered Cubic; Federal Communications Commission; Flat Conductor Cable  
FCM  Facilities Cost Model  
FCS  Factory Control System  
FCode  Forth Code (PCI device driver programming language)  
FDC  Fault Detection and Classification; Floppy Disc Controller   
FDD  Floppy Disc Drive
FDD  Frequency Division Duplex  
FDE  Frequency Domain Experiments  
FDM  Frequency Division Multiplexing
FDMA  Frequency Division Multiple Access
FDMA  Frequency Division Multiplexing Access  
FDMS  Flash Desorption Mass Spectrometry  
FDTD  Finite Difference Time Domain  
FE  Free Exiton; Fermi Energy  
FEA  Finite Element Analysis  
FEC  Fabrication Evaluation Chip; Forward Error Correction  
FEC  Forward error correction
FED  Field Emissive Display  
FEG  Field Emission Gun  
FEL  Free Electron Laser  
FEM  Finite Element Method  
FEOL  Front-End Of Line  
FESEM  Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope  
FET  Field Effect Transistor
FF  Flip Flop 
FFS  Final Front Side  
FFT  Fast Fourier Transform
FG  Finished Goods  
FGCPW  Finite Groundplane CoPlanar Waveguide  
FH  Frequency Hopping
FHSS  Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
FI  Filterability Index; Factory Integration  
FIB  Focused Ion Beam  
FIC  Fluid Integrated Circuit  
FID  Flame Ionization Detector  
FIM  Field Ion Microscopy  
FIR  Far InfraRed
FIT  Failure unit  
FL  Fuzzy Logic  
FLAG  Fibre Optic Link Around the Globe
FLAPW  Full potential Linearized APW  
FLIR  Forward Looking Infrared  
FLOOPS  FLorida Object-Oriented Process Simulator  
FLOPC  FLoating point Operations needed Per Cycle  
FLOTOX  FLOating gate Tunnel OXide  
FLP  Fermi Level Pinning  
FLRT  Factory Layout/Relayout Tool  
FM  Foreign material; Ferro Magnetic  
FM  Frequency Modulation
FMCW  Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave  
FMEA  Failure Mode and Effects Analysis  
FMMC  Factory Material Movement Component  
FMRI  Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging
FMS  Forms Management System  
FMVP  Framework Member Validation project  
FNN  Feed-forward Neural Network  
FOCS  Fiber Optic Chemical Sensors  
FOLZ  First-Order Laue Zone  
FOMP  First Order Magnetization Process  
FOUP  Front Opening Unified Pod  
FOV  Field Of View  
FOX  Field OXide  
FP  Flash Point  
FPA  Focal Plane Array  
FPAA  Field Programmable Analog Array  
FPD  Flat Panel Display
FPD  Focal-Plane Deviation; Flat Panel Display  
FPD-RAM  Fast Page DRAM  
FPGA  Field-Programmable Gate Array  
FPLA  Field-Programmable Logic Array  
FPLF  Field-Programmable Logic Family  
FPLS  Field-Programmable Logic Switch  
FPM  Flexual Plate Mode  
FPMS  Factory Performance Modeling Software  
FPROM  Field-Programmable Read-Only Memory  
FPT  Fine Pitch Technology  
FPX  Kodak Flashpix image format  
FQA  Fixed Quality Area  
FQHE  Fractional Quantum Hall Effect  
FRAC  Frame Aligner Circuit   
FRAM  Ferroelectric RAM (qv)  
FRAME  Failure Rate Analysis and Modeling  
FRMB  Fast Ramp Mini Batch  
FS  Field Strength  
FSB  Front Side Bus
FSCM  Federal Stock Code for Manufacturers  
FSD  Full scale deflection
FSE  Field Scanned (Stepped) ENDOR  
FSK  Frequency Shift Keying
FSM  Finite State Machine  
FSR  Full Sheet Resonance  
FSS  Full Scale Span; Frequency Selective Surface  
FS-PAL  Field Sequential Phase Alternation Line  
FT  Final Test; Fourier Transform; Transition Frequency  
FTA  Fault tree analysis 
FTA  Free To Air
FTAB  Focus Technical Advisory Board  
FTIR  Fourier Transform InfraRed  
FTL  Flash Transition Layer  
FTP  File Transfer Protocol
FTPL  Fourier Transform Photo Luminescence  
FTTC  Fiber-To-The-Curb  
FTTD  Fiber-To-The-Desk  
FTTH  Fiber-To-The-Home  
FW  Full Wave  
FWHM  Full Width at Half Maximum  
FWHP  Full Width at Half Peak 
FYI  For Your Information  
FZ  Float Zone  
F/I  Final Inspect  
Fe  Iron  
fil  Filament 
fr   Frequency at resonance 
Ft  Foot