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B  Flux density 
BACT  Best Available Control Technology  
BASE  Boston Area Semiconductor Education
BAW  Bulk Acoustic Wave  
BC  Bias Contrast 
BC  Buired Capacitance  
BCAD  Business Computer-Aided Design  
BCD  Binary Coded Decimal.
BCP  Biphase Communications Processor  
BDS  Brownian Dynamics Simulation  
BE  Boundary Element 
BE  Bound Exciton
BE  Band Edge  
BEC  Bose Einstein Condensation  
BEEM  Ballistic Electron Emmission Spectroscopy  
BEEP  Block Extensible Exchange Protocol  
BER  Bit Error Rate  
BF  Bright field  
BFL  Buffered Field-effect-transistor Logic  
BFO  Beat frequency oscillator 
BFSR  Battlefield Surveillance Radars.
BG  Band Gap  
BGA  Ball Grid Array  
BGE  Band Gap Engineering  
BHEL  Bharath Heavy electricals Limited
BI  Burn In  
BICMOS  BIpolar Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor  
BIFET  Bipolar Field-Effect Transistor  
BIM  Binary Intensity Mask  
BIMOS  Bipolar Metal-Oxide Semiconductor  
BIOS  Basic Input Output System.
BIS  Built-In Simulation  
BIST  Built-In Self Test  
BITE  Built-In Test Equipment  
BJT  Bipolar Junction Transistor
BLD  Beam Lead Device  
BLO  Binary Large Objects.
BMC  Bubble Memory Controller  
BMP  Windows or OS/2 Bitmap image format  
BNC  Bayonet Nut Coupling  
BOE  Buffered Oxide Etchant  
BOM  Bill Of Material  
BOR  Bottom Of Range  
BOSS  Binary Object Storage System  
BPF  Band Pass Filter  
BPR  Business Process Re-engineering  
BPSK  Binary Phase Shift Keying.
BSE  Back Scaterred Electrons  
BST  Bandwidth Segmented Transmission 
BT  British Telecom  
BTAB  Bumped Tape Automated Bonding  
BTD  Bistable Thermal Donors  
BTS  Base Transceiver Stations.
BTS  Base Transceiver Systems  
BV  Breakdown Voltage  
BW  Bandwidth
BWO  Backward Wave Oscillator  
Baud  Signal level changes  
Bhp  brake horsepower.
Bps  Bytes Per Second.
bps  Bits Per Second.
Bureaufax  International Public Facsimile Machine