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e  Instantaneous difference in potential 
EDC or Erms  Difference in potential 
EAI  Enterprise Application Integration  
EAM  Electro-Absorption Modulator  
EAROM  Electrically Alterable Read-Only Memory  
EASE  Equipment And Software Emulator  
EBCDIC  Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code  
EBHT  Electron Beam High Throughput lithography  
EBIC  Electron-Beam-Induced Current  
EBP  Electron Beam Pumping  
EBSP  Electron Backscattering Pattern  
EBTCM  Electronic Breaking and Traction Control Module
EBU  European Broadcasting Union  
EC  Engineering Change; Equipment Controller  
ECAD  Electronic Computer-Aided Design; Engineering Computer-Aided Design  
ECAE  Electronic Computer-Aided Engineering  
ECCB  Electronic Components Certification Board  
ECG  Electro Cardio Gram/Graph
ECL  Emitter Coupled Logic  
ECM  Electronic Counter-Measures  
ECM  Engine Control Module
ECN  Engineering Change Notice  
ECO  Engineering Change Order  
ECP  Electron Channeling Pattern  
ECQB  ElectrocChemical Quartz crystal Balance  
ECR  Engineering Change Request; Equivalent Circuit Rate  
ECU  Electronic Control Unit
ECW  Enhanced Compressed Wavelet  
ED  ElectroDeposited  
EDA  Electronic Design Automation  
EDAC  Error Detection And Correction
EDAX  Energy-Dispersive Analysis of X-rays (TM name for EDS)  
EDC or Erms  Difference in potential 
EDD  Earliest Due Date  
EDENDOR  Electrically Detected Electron Nuclear DOuble Resonance  
EDEPR  Electrically Detected EPR  
EDFA  Erbium-Doped Fibre Amplifier  
EDGE  Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution  
EDI  Electronic Data Interchange  
EDIF  Electronic Design Interchange Format  
EDL  Electric Double Layer; Edit Decision List  
EDM  Electronic Design Machining  
EDMS  Electronic Document Management System
EDO  Extended Data Out  
EDO-RAM  Extended Data Output RAM  
EDP  Electron Diffraction Pattern; Electronic Data Processing  
EDS  Energy-Dispersive (X-ray) Spectroscopy (aka EDX & EDAX)  
EDTV  Enhanced Definition TV   
EDU  Equipment Dependent Uptime  
EDXA  Energy-Dispersive X-ray Analysis  
EEDF  Electron Energy Distribution Function  
EEG  Electro Encephalo Gram/Graph
EEL  Edge Emitting Laser  
EELS  Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy  
EEPLD  Electrically Erasable Programmable Logic Device  
EEPROM  Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory 
EFG  Electric Field Gradient  
EFO  Electronic Flame-Off  
EFOCS  Evanescent Fiber Optic Chemical Sensors  
EFTIR  Emission Fourier Transform InfraRed spectroscopy  
EFV  Excess Flow Valve  
EGP  Exterior Gateway Protocol
EHD  Electro-Hydro-Dynamic  
EHF  Extremely high frequency 
EHO  Estimated Hourly Output  
EHP  Electron-Hole Plasma; Electron-Hole Pair  
EHS  Extremely Hazardous Substances  
EHV  Extra high voltage 
EI  Equipment Integration  
EIA  Electronic Industries Association  
EIA  Embedded Intel Architechture
EID  Equipment Interface Development  
EIP  Equipment Improvement Program; Equipment Improvement Project  
EIRP  Effective Isotropic Radiated Power  
EIS  Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy; Engineering Information System  
EJB  Enterprise Java Beans  
EKF  Extended Kalman filter  
EKMS  Electronic Key Management System  
EL  Electro Luminescent
EL  Experience Level  
EL   Electro Luminescent
ELF  Extremely Low Frequency  
ELFEXT  Equal Level Far End Crosstalk  
ELIC  Extended Line Card Interface Controller   
ELINT  Electronic Intelligence
ELNES  Energy-Loss Near Edge Structure  
ELS  Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy  
EM  Electron Microscopy; Enterprise Model; ElectroMagnetic
EMA  Easy Magnetization Axis  
EMB  Electro Mechanical Breaking
EMC  Electro Magnetic Compatibility
EMC  ElectroMagnetic Capability; ElectroMagnetic Compatibility  
EMEMS  Elastomeric MEM System  
EMF  ElectroMagnetic Field; Windows enhanced metafile image format 
EMF  Electromotive force 
EMG  Electro Myo Gram/Graph
EMG  ElectroMiGration  
EMI  Electro Magnetic Interference
EMILM  Electro-absorbtive Modulated Isolated Laser Module  
EMMA  Electron Microscopy and MicroAnalysis  
EMO  EMergency Off  
EMP  ElectroMagnetic Pulse  
EMPF  Electronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility  
EMR  Enter Move Request  
EMT  Effective Mass Theory  
EMU  ElectroMagnetic Unit  
ENDOR  Electron Nuclear DOuble Resonance  
ENIAC  Electronic Numerical Integrater & Calculator
ENR  Excess Noise Ratio  
EOC  Elastic Optic Coefficient  
EOG  Electro Oculo Gram/Graph
EOL  End Of Line  
EOM  Equations Of Motion  
EOS  Electrical OverStress  
EOT  End Of Transfer  
EOY  End Of year  
EP  Extreme Pressure; ElectroPolish  
EPA  Environmental Protection Agency  
EPABX  Eletronic Private Branch Exchange
EPD  Electronic Paper Display
EPD  Etch Pit Density  
EPG  Electronic Program Guide  
EPIC  Extended Peripheral Interface Circuit   
EPIRB  Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
EPL  Electron Projection Lithography  
EPLD  Electrically Programmable Logic Device  
EPMA  Electron-Probe MicroAnalysis  
EPO  Emergency Power Off  
EPR  Electron Paramagnetic Resonance 
EPROM  Electrically Programmable Read-Only Memory  
EPROM  Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory 
EPS  Encapsulated PostScript image format  
EPSS  Electronic Performance Support System  
EPT  Equipment Performance Tracking  
EQUIPC/I  EQUIPment Control and Integration  
EQUIPRTC  EQUIPment Real-Time Control  
ERA  Electrically Reconfigurable Arrays  
ERFC  Complementary error function  
eRFP  Electronic Request For Proposal  
ERG  Electro Retino Graph
ERM  Enterprise Reference Model; Evaporation Rate Monitoring  
ERN  External Recurrent Neural network  
ERP  Electronic Road Pricing
ERP  Effective Radiated Power; Enterprise Resource Planning  
ERS  Event Reporting Standard  
ERT  Emergency Response Time  
ES  Engineering Specification; Expert System 
ESA  Electronically Steered Array  
ESC  Electronic Stability Control
ESC  ElectroStatic Chuck; Enhanced Speech Circuit   
ESCA  Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis  
ESCC  Enhanced Serial Communication Controller   
ESD  Electron-Stimulated Desorption; Electro Static Discharge  
ESDIAD  Electron-Stimulated Desorption Ion Angular Distribution  
ESE  Electron Spin Echo  
ESI  Electron Spectroscopic Imaging; Early Supplier Involvement  
ESM  Electronic Service Manual  
ESP  Electronic stability Programs
ESR  Electron Spin Resonance
ESR  Equivalent Series Resistance
ET  Equivalent Time
ETAB  Executive Technical Advisory Board  
ETC  Enhanced Throughput Cellular; Electronic Toll Collecting  
ETPC  Electrolytic Tough-Pitch Copper  
ETQR  External Total Quality and Reliability  
ETRI  Electronics and Telecommunications Research institute
ETS  Excited Triplet State  
ETSI  European Telecommunications Standards Institute  
EUTELSAT  European Telecommunications Satellite
EUV  Extreme UltraViolet  
eV  ElectronVolt 
EVC  Equilibrium Vapor Concentration  
EVM  Error Vector Magnitude  
EVR  Electro Video Recording
EW  Electronic Warfare  
EWMA  Exponentially Weighted Moving Average  
exa 10^18
EXAFS  Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure  
E-Beam  Electron Beam  
E-Mail  Electronic Mailing