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G  Gravitational acceleration  
G  Gravity 
G  Conductance 
G  Giga (10^9) 
G  Gravitational force 
GAC  Granular Activated Carbon  
GAIM  GSM Analog Interface Module  
GAL  Gate Array Logic  
GASAD  Gate And Source And Drain  
GATE  Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering
GB  Giga Byte  
GC  Gas Chromatography; Gravimetric Calibrator  
GCC  Generic Cell Controller  
GCD  Gas Chromatography Distillation  
GCMS  Gas Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy  
GCPW  Grounded CoPlanar Waveguide  
GD  Glow Discharge  
GDMS  Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry  
GDS  Graphical Design System; Graphical Design Software  
GEDIS  Gateway Electronic Data Interchange Services
GEM  Generic Equipment Model; Ventura/GEM drawing image format  
GEMS  Gateway Electronic Mail Service
GEMVS  GEM Verification System  
GEO  Geostationary Earth Orbit  
GES  Generic Equipment Simulator  
GFAAS  Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry/spectroscopy  
GFC  Gas Filter Correlation  
GFCI  Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter  
GIAS  Gateway Internet Access Services
GIF  Graphic Interchange Format
GIF  Gatan Imaging Filter
GILD  Gas Immersion Laser Doping  
GIST  Graphics and Intelligence-based Script Technology
GLC  Gas Liquid Chromatography  
GLU  General Logic Unit  
GLUE  Generally 7400-series chips to glue (connect) VLSI-chips together  
GMA  Gas Metal Arc (welding)  
GML  Geospatial Markup Language  
GMR  Giant Magneto Resistant
GNOS  GaN-on-Sapphire  
GOI  Gate Oxide Integrity; GaAs On Insulator  
GOSIP  Government Open Systems Interconnection Profile  
GPE  Gas Phase Etching  
GPIB  General-Purpose Interface Bus  
GPO  Gilbert Push-On Connector (TM)  
GPON  Gigabit Passive Optical Network
GPRS  General Packet Radio Service
GPRS  General Packet Radio Service  
GPS  Global Positioning System
GPS  Global Positioning System  
GPSS  Gateway Packet Switching System
GRINSCH  GRaded INdex Separate Confinement Heterostructure  
GSM  Global System Mobile
GSM  Global Systems for Mobile (communications)  
GSO  Geo-Synchronous Orbit  
GSPID  Gain-Scheduled Proportional Integro-Differential  
GTA  Gas Tungsten Arc 
GTO  Gate Turn Off (thyristor)  
GTS  GEM Test System  
GUI  Graphical User Interface
GUI  Graphical User Interface  
GWIM  Global Warming Impact Model  
Ga  Gallium; Available Gain  
GaAs  Gallium Arsenide  
Ge  Germanium  
GHz  GigaHertz (1,000,000,000 Hz) 
Gmax  Maximum Gain  
GND  Ground (voltage level)  
Gopt  Gamma Optimum (generator impedance)